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At SORBAS, we believe that shoes should not only look and feel good, but also conform to ethical values. Our shoes are crafted using innovative materials – making them sustainable,. breathable, flexible and ligh-weight. Whenever possible, we source our materials from Europe, in order to guarantee high ethical and ecological standards in our production. Besides high-quality leather, we offer many vegan alternatives, like recycling faux leather, organic cotton and cork.

A natural textile with outstanding qualities

Most breathable high-tech textiles are synthetic – ours are natural. We use water- and windproof organic cotton derived from rare, superfine long staple fibers – an organic cotton fabric. It has the advantage of being breathable and weather resistant, whilst staying completely vegan and ecological. We strive to offer vegan shoes that are as functional and natural as leather shoes. Have a look at our ‘63 Sneaker for example: Breathable, water-resistant, natural and durable. A perfect animal-free alternative to leather shoes!

Surprisingly light and flexible

On average, the shoes in our ‘60’s-series are a mere 182 grams light and come equipped with a flexible, abrasion-resistant rubber outsole. We use light and natural high-tech materials to make innovative and comfortable footwear – the vegan ‘63- and ‘66-series are perfect examples of this. The breathable and soft organic cotton, together with the light and flexible sole, makes walking feel natural and easy. Exactly as it should be.

Breathable in Summer – Water-resistant in Winter

The advantage of waterproof cotton is that you can wear it all year long. SORBAS ’60-series are offered in two variations: One is lined with cotton, the other with warm felt. Our cotton lined shoes are ideal for the warmer seasons – spring, summer and early autumn. Combine them with warm wool socks and they will gladly accompany you even through the winter. The felt lined shoes on the other hand, is the perfect companion for those with cold feet, no matter the amount of socks worn (you know who you are).

A renewable resource from Europe

SORBAS cork collection offers a natural alternative to leather. Sustainable and renewable, the soft material consists of cork from portuguese cork oak and with textile carriers. We combine these to create incredibly comfortable and light footwear found in our ‘70′-series. The material displays a natural cork structure, yet has the functional characteristics of high-quality leather: breathable, water-resistant and flexible.

Animal-free and sustainable

At SORBAS, we want to make the most comfortable vegan shoes while keeping them as natural as possible. That is why we use materials that are plant-based and entail as little synthetics as possible. From a sustainable and an ethical perspective, SORBAS cork shoes are the perfect unification of vegan footwear without unneccessary plastic. Therefore, they offer the first high-guality, natuarl and plant-based alternative to leather and faux leather.

A unique look

Cork has the amazing feature of not only being completely renewable, but also a beautiful material. The natural structure consists of intricate patterns, making every single shoe unique. In accordance with SORBSAS tradition, the models are designed in Berlin to be minimalistic appealing and durable – standing the test of time and wear. Perfect for sustainable office sessions or a dinner out with friends. Elegant, but not too elegant.

Recycled Canvas for a reduced footprint

What does recycled canvas entail? For one, it means no use of pesticide, less water-waste and energy consumption. Sounds good? We agree, it does. Recycled canvas is used by SORBAS to create environment-friendly shoes and sneakers for your everyday adventures.

Breathable shoes for warmer days

Canvas is a natural and incredibly robust cotton fabric. We carefully process the material so that it retains its amazing qualities: breathability, water-resistance and flexibility. This allows for perfect footwear for spring, summer and fall to be made. You can find all our canvas shoes in the SORBAS ‘50′-series.

Innovative faux leather

Faux leather is typically a material that you should approach with caution. It’s still often produced with virgin plastics, which does not resonate with an environment-friendly footwear approach. At SORBAS, we use modern and sustainble faux leather that are either plant-based or composed of recycled resources. The plant-based variation is a new type of faux leather that consists of up to 80 % of natural and plant-based materials. It looks and feels just like leather, while also displaying the same material qualities. It’s breathable, water-resistant, durable and flexible – an ideal component for our boots. Both types of SORBAS faux leather offer a great vegan and sustainable alternative to traditional leather. You’ll find our shoes made of faux leather in a number of different series, all labelled with a “v” (for example ‘94v or 89v).

Leather of the Highest Quality

SORBAS leather shoes and sneakers are made of soft nappa and antique leathers. We believe that shoes should be comfortable from the first wear. This is why we avoid all hard materials and instead use flexible outsoles for a natural stride. Thereby, our leather shoes are utmost comfortable from start to finish and a perfect companion for your everyday adventures. Give it a try and feel the difference!

Sourced From Renowned European Tanneries

We carefully select all of our suppliers and purchase leather directly from european tanneries. Why? To ensure that our leather is produced in accordance with our values and business philosphy: sustainable and ethically made footwear of the highest quality. As such, we implement strict environmental and social standards in every part of of our value chain. This is especially important when working with leather, because the production process can lead to harmful chemical waste. However, when employing modern production methods, the creation of pollutants Chronium VI can be avoided, which is true for every SORBAS leather shoe.

Craftmansship in Every Shoe

SORBAS shoes are manufactured by traditional shoemakers in Europe. Their decade-long experience and incredible know-how are our guarantee for achieving the highest quality. With every pair of SORBAS ordered, you help retain the traditional, yet rare, european craftsmanship heritage.

Innovative vegan shoes

What qualities would the best vegan shoes have? Should they be durable? Natural? Environment-friendly? Comfortable? At SORBAS we combine all of these features, creating amazing plant-based footwear for everyday life. From organic cotton to recycling faux leather – our vegan shoes are breatheable, water-resistant and offer great comfort while steering clear of virgin plastics. And as always, they are ethically made in Europe. Good for your feet, good for the environment.

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