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Canvas: our 50’s-series

vegan sneakers white sustainable shoes
For our 50’s-series we use durable textile fabric that comes from sustainable sources. Our models in this series have an upper material made of cotton, some of which is organically grown or recycled. The lining of our canvas shoes is made of either cotton (also mostly organic) or recycled ocean plastic. Perfect, because these materials are not only sustainable, but also breathable. An excellent choice especially for summer and transitional periods. Did you know that organic cotton has 46% less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional cotton?

Cactus Sneakers

cactus sneakers green sustainable shoes
Our cactus-based faux leather replaces synthetic materials like PU and PVC. It has proven itself through its supple feel and, compared to many other types of artificial leather, its enduring quality. The cactus responds to moisture and sweat with breathability. Our vegan cactus sneakers are free of animal ingredients. The material is certified by Peta and with the Oeko-Tex 100 standard.
Cultivation and care of the native cacti are also environmentally friendly, since herbicides and pesticides are not used. Only the “leaves” of the prickly pear are harvested, the plant itself remains intact. A harvest can take place every 6-8 months. A cactus serves as a resource for the plant-based imitation leather for up to 8 years. Due to their large CO2 binding capacity, the cacti also function as natural carbon sinks and absorb a large amount of CO2. In figures: In comparison, 1648 times more water is used for leather and almost 10 times more energy is used overall.

The 60’s-series

vegan organic sneakers sustainable shoes
The 60 series is made from waterproof organic cotton. This consists of rare, extra fine long-staple fibers – a natural, highly breathable and waterproof organic cotton fabric. The perfect all-rounder!
An additional impregnation of paraffin wax ensures additional resistance – and in contrast to most commercially available impregnations, it is non-toxic, predominantly biodegradable, PFC and PFAS-free. SORBAS ’63 and ’66 have the properties of a leather shoe, but are completely vegan shoes. Perhaps the best alternative to leather.
The SORBAS ’60s series comes in two versions: one lined with cotton and one lined with warm felt. With a cotton lining, the shoes are perfect for spring to autumn, but are also a good choice in winter with thick socks. With felt lining you have a perfect waterproof and warm shoe in the colder season.

Corkies: the 70s-series

cork shoes vegan sustainable
Always unique. Cork is a renewable raw material with a natural character. The good thing is that the bark of the cork oak grows back over several years and no tree has to be felled for it. If you are looking for something special, you have come to the right place with our cork shoes.

Shoes made from Pinatex

vegan shoes white sustainable sneakers
Pineapple fibers are by-products of pineapple production. This is good, because the material does not have to be cultivated – and therefore does not take up agricultural land and no pesticides and fertilizers have to be used. In an upcycling process, a flexible, soft composite is made from the fibers and processed by us into shoes. The plant-based material is water-repellent and breathable.


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We use innovative artificial leather to produce high-quality vegan shoes with a leather look. These mainly consist of recycled or natural raw materials. Our vegan boots and oxfords are made of particularly robust, recycled synthetic leather. Externally, you will hardly be able to distinguish our imitation leather from leather. You can find SORBAS shoes made of recycled synthetic leather as the 80’s- and 90’s-series marked with a v.

Shoes, Sneakers and Boots made of certified leather

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SORBAS leather shoes combine traditional shoemaking craftsmanship with innovation. We work directly with an Italian and a German tannery, both of which are certified with the “Leather Working Group Gold Standard” – one of the highest standards for sustainable leather processing. This allows us to significantly reduce our ecological footprint and manufacture environmentally friendly leather shoes for every occasion. The tanning is either completely chrome-free or “Blue Angel” certified. In this way, our tanneries ensure that no pollutants are released into the environment. Our leather shoes are pleasantly soft and adapt perfectly to your foot. For the highest quality and best wearing comfort.

coming soon: all about our soles made from natural rubber and degradable rubber

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