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We use innovative materials to make sustainable, good looking and comfortable shoes. Our plant-based materials like waterproof organic cotton, cork or pinatex are breathable, durable and water-resistant. About 75% of our shoes are entirely free from materials of animal origin. These are our vegan shoes, sneakers and boots. We do also offer leather shoes and boots – made of very soft, chrome VI-free leathers.


Focusing on natural materials, we use a lot of organic, recycled and upcycled textiles to minimize our environmental impact. Furthermore, where possible we source our materials in Europe to ensure high environmental and labour standards throughout our supply chain.


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natural, vegan, resistant

Almost all breathable high-tech textiles are synthetical. Ours are natural. Water- and windproof and breathable organic cotton is derived from rare, superfine long staple fibers – a natural, waterproof organic cotton fabric. It has the advantage of being natural and breathable. On top of that, it is wind- and water-resistant. The SORBAS ’63 and ’66 therefore have the characteristics of leather shoes, yet they are completely vegan. Perhaps the best alternative to leather.

182 gram lightweight

On average, our shoes are 182 gram light and come with a flexible, abrasion-resistant outsole –SORBAS uses light and natural high-tech materials in our ’63 and ’66 series to make innovative, vegan shoes. Walking in our vegan shoes feels extremely natural. SORBAS ’63 are low-cut sneakers, SORBAS ’66 are boots.

comfort all year round

The advantage of waterproof cotton is that you can wear it all year long. The SORBAS ’60-series are offered in two variations: One is lined with cotton, the other with warm felt. The model with cotton lining is ideal for the time from Spring to Fall, and even in Winter a good choice when you combine them with warm socks. The model with felt-lining is the perfect shoe for the cold season, water-resistant and warm.

made from trees

SORBAS new cork collection offers our newest natural alternative to leather. Our soft cork material consists of plant-based cork and textile carriers. We use it to make soft cork shoes in our 70’s series combining typical cork structure with the functional characteristics of leather: breathable, water-resistant and flexible.

natural and vegan

We want to make the best vegan shoes and we want them to be as natural as possible. That is why we use materials that are plant-based and entail as little synthetics as possible. From an ethical viewpoint, SORBAS cork shoes are preferable to leather shoes and they are made of natural materials – therefore they offer the first leather-like, natural and plant-based alternative to leather and faux leather.

unique texture on every shoe

Cork has a natural structure that makes every shoe unique. The models are designed in Berlin. They are not only one of a kind, they are always unique. Elegant, but not too elegant.

airy. summer. shoes.

Canvas is a robust, natural cotton fabric. We process it in a way that it remains breathable and is perfectly suitable for spring, summer and fall. Mostly we use recycled canvas to further reduce the impact on the environment – the production of recycled canvas uses less water, less energy, no pesticides and no agricultural space. You can find our canvas shoes in our SORBAS 50’s-series.

Innovative faux-leather made of plants

Predominantly, we use a new type of faux leather that consists up to 80 percent of natural and plant-based materials. Outwardly it looks just like leather, incredibly soft and very robust. It offers an alternative to leather that looks real, but is not derived from animals or made of synthetics. You find SORBAS shoes made of faux leather in our ’80-series, labelled with a ‘v’.

Incredibly soft!

SORBAS 80’s are elegant and sportive shoes and sneakers made of soft leather. We avoid hard materials and use quality natural rubber and leather outsoles. The shoes always feel comfortable, because they are entirely of leather and come with flexible outsoles. We love clear design and unobtrusive minimalism.

Made in Europe

For our leather shoes, we use nappa and antique leather. It is superfine and soft and produced according to strict environmental standards. That is especially important when producing leather, because the production process can lead to substances that harm the environment and make it necessary to purify waste water. However, when employing modern production methods, the creation of environmental pollutants like Chromium VI can be avoided. We mostly use vegetable-tanned leather, but not exclusively. Our leather is breathable and adjusts to your individual foot – it feels comfortable and healthy.

Shoemakers quality

SORBAS shoes are manufactured in small shoemakers shops. We promote fair working conditions. SORBAS shoes are delivered to you directly, without middlemen. That empowers fair pricing and fair wages.

Approximately 75 percent of our shoes are completely vegan. We use innovative and natural materials that offer a real alternative to leather. They ensure high quality and are functional at the same time.

natural, vegan materials

Vegan sneakers and shoes already exist, but most vegan shoes are made of faux leather or microfibre. From an ethical point of view, they are preferable to leather shoes. However, they are still based on synthetical and non-renewable materials. We take one step further and offer vegan shoes and sneakers made of innovative materials. We use new materials to make vegan shoes that are natural and plant-based – and even breathable and water-resistant.


SORBAS Shoes are manufactured by traditional shoemakers in Europe. We work with small businesses to support local communities and fair wages in a traditional European profession.  Our mission is to integrate small-scale shoemakers into the modern supply chain, securing the future of family businesses and their staff, especially in less privileged countries.


In order to establish fair working conditions, we collaborate with international partners. Our first project in Serbia was established with support of the US development agency USAID. While this is still our main project, we mainly contributed to the family businesses continuous production until today.


We produce in Serbia, Greece and Portugal. Learn more about each project below.
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Traditional Shoemaking

SORBAS has brought its Berlin design to Serbia, working with a family who have been making shoes for three generations. This creates the opportunity for the shoemakers to tap into a market outside of their home country and secures the future of their business and staff; together we establish a production site for fair shoes. Most SORBAS shoes are produced in Serbia, but we also make shoes in Greece and Portugal. At present, the Serbian shoemaker family is our primary supplier. This offers security to the future of their business.

Made in Europe

The shoe industry in Serbia has a long tradition in producing shoes for the local market. However, with increasing imports from the Middle East, the situation for local shoe makers is getting harder. We strive to offer a bright future to the family business by establishing a production site for fair-trading shoes.

3rd Generation Family Business

The family has been making shoes since 1922 and the business is now in the hands of the third generation. Together with the family, there are 10 shoemakers and sewers working in the production. The business is led by sisters Mesa and Ajtana who have recently inherited it from their father. Most of the staff have been working in the business for years, some even for decades. Traditional, old shoemaker machines support the predominantly handmade production.

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Handmade Sandals

Our sandals are made by experienced sandal maker Stelios, who has learned the art of making sandals from his father. We promote this traditional workmanship in order to keep the craft alive. The leather used for the sandals derives from Greece and is vegetable-tanned.

The ability to maintain a high standard of working conditions and environmental standards is possible due to manufacture inside the EU. Our sandals are available in 4 colors and currently only available in leather. We are working on developing a vegan model that we aim to launch in the near future.

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Sustainable Production in Portugal

Some SORBAS models are manufactured in Portugal. They are produced in a rather modern production facility owned and run by Paolo. In Portugal we manufacture mostly shoes made from cork and pineapple, as it’s closest to where the materials are made.

Produktion Portugal
Schuhe Portugal
Produktion Portugal
Produktion Schuhe Portugal
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SORBAS Shoes was founded 2015 in Berlin. We strive to combine design, comfort and sustainability in our shoes. Using innovative, flexible, light-weight and breathable materials our shoes guarantee highest levels of comfort. Most of our shoes come in a minimalist inspired unisex design. While you support local shoemakers with your purchase, we make sure you receive a premium shoe that is crafted by the skilled hands of a shoemaker.


We combine our different materials and cuts to offer a wide variety of series and models: The ’00-series is made of Pinatex, 50’s-series from canvas, the 60’s-series of waterproof organic cotton, the 70’s-series of cork, the 80’s- and 90’s-series of leather or faux leather, offering a vegan alternative indicated with a v following the model name. Get your pair of comfy sneakers, ankle boots or boots now.


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