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We use new and natural materials to make quality shoes. When selecting materials, we are choosing a new approach and offer a sustainable alternative. The origin of our materials is especially important to us. Sometimes we can buy materials from local manufacturers close to the traditional shoemakers shops where our shoes are made and where we can learn about the working conditions in these traditional shops. For the most part, however, we work with Western European suppliers that make the uppers and outsole materials in Switzerland, France and Italy. We do so, in order to ensure that there is no exploitation of labor involved and that the materials are manufactured according to high environmental and labor standards. The strict selection of our suppliers also shows in the quality of our shoes.
For the most part, our materials are plant-based. We mostly use cork or waterproof organic cotton. and work with a new type of faux leather that is based up to 80 percent on natural and plant-based materials. Approximately 75 percent of our products are entirely vegan. Our leather is manufactured in Europe, free of chromium-IV and partly vegetable-tanned.
Our shoes are always soft and flexible. We use light materials and avoid unnecessary hard and heavy strengthening in between the layers – to increase comfort and protect natural resources.

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SORBAS are modern shoes that are manufactured by traditional shoemakers in small and local shops. This improves the quality of our shoes, but also ensures high labor standards. By only choosing small and trustworthy shoemakers for the manufacturing, we support and promote local communities. Moreover, we make sure that we know exactly where our shoes come from and under which conditions they have been made. We cultivate friendly relationships with our shoemakers and their staff.
On top of that, we support the expertise of people that have been working in the shoemaking industry for generations and we help to maintain and expand the traditional shoemakers business in these communities. SORBAS integrates small and traditional shoemakers shops into the modern value chain and secures the future of family businesses and their staff. Especially in poorer countries, we want to set an example for good working conditions and show that small shoemakers shops can be successful and enjoy a bright future.
In order to establish fair working conditions, we collaborate with international partners. Our first project in Serbia was made possible with the support of the development agency USAIID. We continually work together with one traditional shoemaker family to improve labor conditions. We pay wages above minimum- and living wage. Our production has become the main pillar of the family business and secures the shoemakers’ future.


SORBAS is a young label from Berlin. The brand SORBAS stands for quality design with a passion for minimalism. Our shoes are manufactured by traditional shoemakers – we avoid mass production. The smart and unique design and the manufacturing by experienced shoemakers ensure high comfort and quality. SORBAS shoes are light and flexible and make you feel good all day. The quality and natural materials ensure that you feel comfortable wearing them. Our shoes are suitable in every setting, you can wear them at the office during the day, when going out at night and when taking long walks on the weekends.
We combine the different materials and cuts to offer a wide variety of series and models: The 50-series is made of canvas, the 60-series of waterproof cotton, the 70-series of cork, the 80-series of leather or of faux leather offering a vegan alternative indicated with a v in front of the model name.

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